In addition to the central protection, counter-poaching operational planning and co-ordination role, GKEPF also undertakes operational research, technology development, documenting and disseminating best practice and actions leading to socio-economic beneficiation of local community and stakeholders through job creation, community projects and development programmes to prevent the lure of poaching as a means of income and status.

GKEPF further co-ordinates and adds value to law enforcement operations to facilitate arrest and conviction through the overall management of shared air wing, canine, ranger response and other specialist resources, as well as overall management of detection and hot-spot cooling technologies and systems.

GKEPF is committed to developing and capacitating the next generation of custodians. It identifies potential talent, formulates and promulgates user-driven guidelines for Area Integrity, Asset Protection best practice and Ranger training, develops the identified individuals through a combination of formal and practical on the job exposure, as well as, documenting best practices.