Covering a significant landmass, ensuring seamless co-ordination and on-going co-operation amongst our many stakeholders is our biggest undertaking. Our team continuously develops new strategies and technologies to better equip us and our partners to combat wildlife crime.

Within the framework the role and focus of GKEPF is on developing the essential components of a counter poaching system that will allow the alliance to gain the initiative and ultimately turn the tide of poaching in the Lowveld. The basic technical building blocks of this system are:

  • Early warning through real time actionable information and reliable detection systems – Plan
  • The essential operational resources required to conduct effective and conclusive counter-poaching operations – Respond
  • Integrated and reliable operational communications so as to be able to direct and control operations – Control

GKEPF acts as the key coordinator, bringing experts together, to ensure vital collaboration and the sharing of intelligence. Everyday GKEPF uses the key resources below in the fight against illegal poaching:

  • People – multiple wardens and field operators are deployed daily. These team members act as the ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground alerting others to potential incursions, as well as ‘tracking’ detected poachers.
  • Technology – GKEPF is at the forefront of research & development in this space and involved in testing the latest technologies with possible applications in a counter-poaching role.
  • Animals – our canine friends provide an indispensable service in our counter-poaching activities. Working closely with the K9 Unit, dogs are typically deployed daily to carry out the following key activities: patrolling; tracking; detection and free-running.