Volunteer & Social Upliftment Projects


What we do: Singita’s long term commitment is to support development which results in

“Empowered communities which are engaged in eco-system management.”

Where we work: We work in support of the 8 villages in Ximhungwe which is under the jurisdiction of Jongilanga Tribal Authority, namely Justicia, Lilydale , Mabarhule, Huntington, Sommerset, Kildare, Ireagh and Crocquet Lawn within the Enhlanzeni District of the Bushbuckridge Municipality of Mpumalanga. Our projects are implemented in most of these communities and we seek to expand to other villages within Ximhungwe. Most Singita’s staff live in this area. Work is done in collaboration with local leaders.

How does Singita set out to maximise its positive impact on local communities:

  1. Employ the maximum number of staff from the local villages and empower them through relevant training.
  2. Maximise the purchases and use of services from local areas – to support the local economy.

To date at Singita Sabi Sand, our programmes have largely focussed on supporting education, although valuable work has been, and is done in other areas as well.

The 3 key programmes are:

  1. Growing to READ, an early childhood development (ECD) programme, which we do in partnership with SKNP. It is implemented by an expert non-profit organisation, the READ Educational Trust, within 20 schools on the outskirts of the SSW and KNP reserves. 10 of these schools lie within our local villages. They are consulted on an annual basis about effectively managing a pre-school; teacher training workshops with follow-up in-classroom mentorship; workshops for parents and the supply of educational resources and stationery.
  2. Teaching & Technology, conducted in collaboration with the Education Department and the European Space Agency, in 12 primary schools in the local Ximhungwe Circuit. The objective is to use technology to enhance the quality of education provided to schools. Installation of satellite dishes enables teachers to use the laptops and tablets provided to each school. It also provides access to a “virtual library” via the internet, e-mails and e-learning courses. Training and technical support continues, with plans for expanding these projects.
  3. Deamfields is a sport development programme whereby Singita supports 19 primary and secondary schools. It provides them with soccer and netball kits and enables their participation in the district Under 14 and Under 19 soccer and netball leagues and tournaments, as organised by NPO, Dreamfields.