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BUSINESS BOOSTER FUND: The Pfunanani Enterprise Development Project

Developing a sustainable enterprise culture.

The EsiDulini Trust has partnered with Sabi Sand Pfunanani Trust to support the Pfunanani Enterprise Development Project. The Project is aimed at improving business capacity in local community enterprises and assisting them to address challenges faced in producing goods and services in a sustainable way. The project is driven by the University of Johannesburg, Sabi Pfunanani Sand Trust and the Buffelshoek Trust.

In a two-year period the project has trained 131 trainees from 71 community businesses. These trainees graduated from the University of Johannesburg in March 2015 with NQF5 certificates. Over the course of the project the participating businesses have received small business management training, technical skills development, marketing support and mentorship.

As they develop and grow these businesses will in turn create income and employment and enable local community members to benefit from the region’s conservation activities.