Volunteer & Social Upliftment Projects

The Southern Africa Wildlife College


It has always part of the College’s culture and a mission to engage with and work with local communities. At the outset, and during the construction phase of the College, local builders and thatchers were further trained and employed. Many of the SAWC staff were also drawn from the local community, a number of whom are still with the College today.

With support from the Hans Hoheisen Charitable Trust, Managed by Nedbank Private Wealth, the SAWC has also been to establish an office dedicated to community related extension programmes. As such, the College has been giving support to local communities to engage them in better natural resource management and to choose wiser options to help conservation efforts. By raising conservation and environmental awareness through educational and cleaning campaigns, training workshops and participation in environmental and rhino day events, the College and the local communities are working hand in hand to ensure future sustainability.

With visitors coming to the College; opportunities have also been created to establish and maintain mutual partnerships among various stakeholder that benefit local communities. This pertains not only to natural resource management but also to socio-economic development such as the drilling and installation of boreholes in local primary schools, the painting of classrooms, the establishment of vegetable gardens, teachers’ environmental workshops and organising learner game drives to game parks and schools competitions