The Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation (GKEPF) is a registered not-for-profit organisation to assist with the co-operation and co-ordination necessary for combating environmental crime in the area.

In the space of only a few years, GKEPF has prevented numerous poaching attempts, successfully rolled-out the physical placing of counter poaching technologies and reporting systems, while developing close working relationships with canine and ranger anti-poaching, air mobility and law enforcement units, and neighbouring communities.

South Africa has the largest population of black and white rhinos in the world. The Greater Kruger Area is home to South Africa’s largest rhino populations, so it is little surprise that is it an extremely important area for their conservation.

From 2007-2014, South Africa experienced an alarming rise in rhino poaching. The Greater Kruger Area continues to suffer heavy rhino poaching losses. Over the last few years, the government, as well as non-profit entities, including GKEPF and its partners, have continued to commit funds and resources to combat these crimes.

At GKEPF, we see rhino protection as a global commitment. The survival of the rhino is a visual reminder that the actions and influence of humanity today has a lasting impact on the evolution or extinction of a species for future generations.

Rhinos at sunset


The current poaching epidemic continues to escalate despite the strong initiatives and substantial resources that have been allocated and committed to date by both the state and private sector.


Founding members included a number of private nature reserves on the Eastern and Western boundaries of KNP with additional funding from alliance partners.


GKEPF established a number of strategic alliance partnerships. Co-operation between founding members, alliance partners and KNP is essential for success.