Rhino poaching in South Africa continues to decline according to the South African Deparment of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF).

The latest report claims that additional steps have been taken by government to ensure the crime is effectively dealt with. The Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Ms Barbara Creecy, says the steps to address rhino poaching and wildlife crime across the country are presently aligned to the Integrated Strategic Management of Rhinoceros as well as the principles set out in the draft National Integrated Strategy to Combat Wildlife Trafficking (NISCWT), which will be taken to Cabinet for consideration in the first half of this year. Steps include improved reaction capability, deployment of technology, collection and sharing of information by the authorities and involment of the private sector, NGOs and donors.

The Minister paid tribute to rangers who risk their lives on a daily basis.

Two thousand and fourteen incursions into the Kruger National Park were experienced during 2019 and a total of 327 rhino were lost as a result of poaching. The provincial and national rhino poaching figures breakdown for 2019 are available in the report. The report includes elephant poaching statistics, as well as, arrests, successes and high-profile cases still on the court toll.