Ranger post of the year

The KNP held its Corporate Support Services and Marula Region Achievement Awards on the Friday 25 November. Awards for outstanding Service in the Workplace were awarded to the following KNP personnel who are active in the JPZ “ Joint Protection Zone” which falls within GKEPF:

Robert Bryden (Nwanedzi Ranger Station), Edward Xhibhuri Masambo (Nwanedzi Ranger Station), Bangani Bethuel Makwakwa (Kingfisherspruit Ranger Station), Julie Bryden (Nwanedzi Ranger Station), Hanyi Samuel Ndlovu (Kingfisherspruit Ranger Station), Lucky Lexon Ndlovu (Kingfisherspruit Ranger Station), Pikani Jeoffrey Kubayi (Kingfisherspruit Ranger Station), Selby Marangrang Magopane (Kingfisherspruit Ranger Station), Thulani Hlongo (Kingfisherspruit Ranger Station).

Nwanedzi Ranger station was also awarded the “Ranger station of the year award”.