Our work impacts communities both locally and further afield. Internationally, our work is impacted by the demands of wildlife trade and traffic. Locally, our work is impacted by the lure of crime in our communities.

While poaching efforts are intensifying, counter-poaching actions are becoming increasingly more effective and sophisticated. Currently, there are at least two to three poaching incursions per day in the Greater Kruger area. GKEPF was established as a result of this growing pressure placed on the rhino population by these poaching activities. Owing to the hard work and coordinated efforts of teams of people, the number of recorded rhino poachings decreased to 54 rhinos being lost within GKEPF Provincial and Private Reserves in 2018.

With multiple community initiatives and programmes, during 2018 and into 2019, GKEPF and its partners have made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of people who live in the local community.