Savanna Private Game Reserve is dedicated to helping the local community to secure a better future. To assist the most vulnerable people within the area, Savanna supports the Tiyimiseleni Centre. The Tiyimiseleni Centre is a Home Based Care Centre in the village of Mabarhule, where 250 orphans and vulnerable children (age 3-17 years) are provided with a free lunch on a daily basis. Savanna’s support to this Centre comprises of paying for the complete running cost like food, school uniforms, school fees, salaries, purchase of dry goods, fresh fruit, vegetables, gas, electricity and so on. Leftover food from the lodge kitchen goes to the centre as well as donations from guests (clothing, blankets, toys and stationery).

Furthermore, Savanna is in the process of building a Nursing Home for elderly people in Huntington, namely Hlayisekani Nursing Home. We hope we can soon open this new and comfortable home for 30 elderly people so they can receive the care they need. Nyiko and his team also do about 40 house visits per week throughout the whole area. The Department of Social Development will assist this Home with the running cost.

Savanna is also involved at Mketse Primary School in Justicia. So far we have built a kitchen and class room and provided the school with the necessary tables, chairs and laptops so the children can start with digital learning as well. Both at the Mketse School and the Tiyimiseleni Home Based Care Centre, children are provided with a powder that can either be mixed into food or can be prepared as a drink. This powder contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins a child needs to properly grow and develop. The results so far are amazing; children are hardly sick anymore, they all have more energy and their school performances are improving.

In addition, Savanna supports various small projects in the villages where our staff members live, by providing them with creative materials and/or food for special occasions.